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I feel like everything going perfectly as planned… except one aspect.


Why does that aspect in my life have to suck? 

Feel kind sad … need a hug…


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my seeester!

is pretty amazing.

I went shopping with her last week and we walked past this new cosmetic store (orogold or whatever the heck it is called). The front sales people are always passing out free sample bags and every time I walk past, they give me a sneaky smile and hide the bags behind themselves. Weird. I jokingly told me sister I have never gotten one from them “It’s because I’m ugly!”

I’m not. I’m fucking gorgeous lolll


Anyways, I get ready for bed and move my blanket and see a vintage box with a small bag in it.


The free sample bag.


She always does this. Thanks sis, you’re literally the best.

I’m kinda afraid to say something haha cuz you are always listening ❤

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Oh the irony

My boyfriend once said that guys and gals can never be friends.

I, like any other girl, disagreed with him. My best friends are guys!  Nothing ever going on there!

So what makes me giggle a little bit is him hanging out with his female friends… hmm…. should I be worried? I’m not, seriously, not even thinking about it lol. No, really. I encourage him to hang out with his friends.

Here comes the best part, one of my best friends (male) of  MANY, MANY moons (never a love connection or crush) and I decided to hang out. Just catch up on stuff. His girlfriend said he couldn’t go. At least not yet.


Not sure if she’s threatened by me or if the universe is playing a joke on me.


ugh, I miss my kyankess 😦

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