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If You’re Like Me

Then you laugh at all the personal information your friends post on Facebook.

I should work for the FBI. 


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Great and informative post!

The Armenian Observer Blog

Preliminary data from the Central Election Commission (CEC)  shows that with ballots counted in all 1988 polling stations president Serzh Sarkissian scored a comfortable 58.6% win in Monday’s presidential elections.

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It’s that time of year again…

To give up something for lent! Or give back. Whatever you want.

I am giving up fast food (probably forever, ugh never again gross…), 

candy, sweets, baked goods, chocolates (as much as I can avoid it)


usually purchases online. 


sounds easy, no?

well… I’m quite the bargain shopper, so…. yeah lol


anyways, on a more romantic note



enjoy those chocolate roses for me 😉

I am so happy (tututu) to be with my hamov Valentine ❤ 

just hope he likes my gift :/   

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