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he can survive this.
my love sometimes feels like a stabbed black heart,


while everyone around me is living their happily ever after, I just… cry everyday. with my heart.


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August 31, 2013 · 10:58 am

Going off topic…

my heart does feel empty & lonely.

sometimes i feel like theres a rainstorm above my head.

i feel __________. Long distance rel sucks.

so many beautiful nights ended with tears…

my heart … I dont know how long until it cannot handle it.

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Grad School: Day 2

Yes, only day two… sigh… kinda want to fast forward time, kinda don’t … 

As I mentioned earlier, I love downtown LA… at least this area. I continue to remind myself I am a grad student. GRAD!!! Maybe I should stop because it’s freakin nerve wracking !!! Oh the hours, the exams, and the many, many, many written assignments.

Wish me luck! 

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Day 2… okay 1.5

I am so impatient to get to my next class. I love downtown LA, at least this area. It’s enriched with beautiful art, diversity, culture, and nostalgia. Every time I am here, I am reminded of my childhood. Not sure why? I had a great childhood, really awesome. Plus being a 90’s kid meant we had the better advantages. For one, we had all the art and music programs that most elementary school have demolished today. Also, electronics. As much as exciting it is to have a big ass IPhone, we had none of that as kids. I think we were the last generation of kids to grow up in an tech-free environment. Outdoors and books were my everything. Man, that was the decade. 

There is this mural on one of the buildings I drive by and I remember as a kid I wanted to meet these people. They were dressed elegantly and holding numerous instruments. I finally looked it up last week- The LA Orchestra- duh. But it was great to finally read about who these people were, especially the lady on the left. I really do want to go to at least one concert. Feels so nostalgic. 


Haha, so this was not directly about grad school, but it will be tonight!!!! 


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Grad School: Day 1

Toe dip into this new exciting and chaotic chapter in my life.

I realized that that the level of work would increase, obviously, be more than when I was an undergrad… but I had absolutely nooo idea how much writing there was! I mean, I consider myself an exceptional writer. Okay, maybe not exceptional. But pretty damn good. No thanks to any of my teachers in high school, I was terrible! Entering college altered my literary skills and mindset about writing. I can actually do it! Yaaayyyy!

Anyways, today… it was fine. My teacher reminded me of a blond Ginnifer Goodwin- cute and sweet! I can’t believe she assigned a paper for every class! Oh well, bring it 😉

Well, here’s to the next 15 weeks …

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I want to stop dreaming…

want it to be reality…

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August 23, 2013 · 3:43 am

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August 22, 2013 · 3:29 pm