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The Truth!!!

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to realize that I… me… have a fear of abandonment…



I guess this long-distance thing has really bitten me hard. I love him so much that every day, every single thing can cause a small trigger to go off in my mind and heart. I made a promise to myself and him to be positive… so that means more crafting and netflix!! 

And looking at out photos… how happy they make me feel…. now I am tearing up for happy reasons 🙂




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[Funk] (insert tears)

I wish I can redo my life… go back to the happier days of my childhood, revisit the good moments, try a little harder, not make any stupid mistakes… I just feel like I am wasting my life… wasting minutes … 

I am soo unhappy sometimes. My heart hearts. 

I want that wish that happy moment to arrive…

But it’s just a reminder of how much my life just… sucks.

All I do is cry… then I am criticized …


help me. hug me. 

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