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Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Haunting!!!


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Chef Chloe

although I am definitely not a vegan (meat loverrr!) I love vegan meals and pastries. I find them absolutely delicious and if I had the ability, I would in a heartbeat become vegan. I was watching cupcake wars and in one episode a vegan chef won the title. I checked out her website and recipes and am utterly impressed! Especially with her vegan mac n cheese. Definitely going to try to add a little vegan in my life 😀

Check out her website

bon apetit!

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Facebook is there for sharing

Right??? Some people go a little overboard with Facebook.

I am a bit tired of constantly seeing never-ending images of what my friends eat every minute or diary-like statuses.


“I am late again to work/class, ugh no time for gym later, I am going to have to starve myself yet again”


“Vanilla mocha decafe latte frap + Taylor Swift + fall sweater = my kinda morning”

or when they check in EVERYWHERE THEY GO!

I am sure the FBI loves Facebook. Such an essential tool.

I think, thanks to Facebook, a lot of murders have been solved.

And cheating spouses caught.

Now I am instagram-ing.


stupid, pretty picture effects… so tempting….

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I need to stop romanticizing about everything in my life.



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moe is armenian!

moe is armenian!

this explains quite a lot! lol

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October 16, 2012 · 3:48 am


Because of its modern existence, I am updated daily on the personal lives of everyone.

While a great deal of people (millions, maybe more) are displaying images and information of their most inner personal lives, I continue to remain confidential.

My newsfeed consists of diary entries, complaints, pictures of Starbucks coffee, exercise and work schedules, and girls making their usual duckfaces.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… really to connect friends and family or just a tool to keep track of everyone’s personal lives?

I bet I can make millions pretending to be a psychic using only these social networks.

I’m just too lazy. Plus, I don’t give a fuck.


I’m miss the good ol’ days of writing a letter to my friends…

perhaps I should do that today… and buy stamps…

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 True, wearing heels everyday can be deadly for your health. I recommend switching it off and taking proper care of your precious feet. But this goes for everything. Using everything sparingly.

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