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Blame the guns all you want…

I am still shaken and hurt from what happened yesterday to the elementary school yesterday. My prayers to the families.

Now, about that fucking idiot…. hope he is rotting in hell.

And I dont blame the guns, weapons and all that.

I blame the parents in our country.

Why? American parents let the children do whatever they want.

Why wasnt the parent of the shooter (20 year old idiot) aware of what her son was going to do???


Remember the Aurora shootings? This guy was from a middle-upper class who had graduated from Yale and in medical school. His mom was VERY well aware that he had some sort of mental problem, and did nothing. American parents to me are not strict. They are more focused on kicking their kids out once they turn 18 and worry about their own lives. I can go on all day talking about this, but not many people would agree with me. No, there are amazing parents who are in their kids’ lives 100% in America, but many are not. Why do you think the teen pregnancy rate continues to be the highest?? Cuz their parents let them do whatever the hell they want.

I have to stop. Thinking about yesterday’s tragic event angers me and I am close to crying.


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