Why is everything soooooooooo […] expensive?

I am starting to understand and not understand the most complicated aspect of being an adult- money.

Why don’t teachers or counselors teach us the value of money in school or tell us that “once you graduate, you are going to be paying extra!!!! Because you won’t have a job immediately aaaaaaaaand bills are neverending!”

I really want a lot of things, but I really want my dream job and not be in a debt. I wish I can have a certain luxuries without having to worry about missing a payment, plus I want my dream wedding. Nothing to extravagant, but perfect.

I still cannot comprehend how we live in such diverse and freely accepted nation when not even a Master’s Degree can get us a well paying job. I was thinking, many millionaires never finished high school or college… hmmm… no, scratch that.

Employers, you suck.

I wish it were easy to get a job, as Charlie Day quotes, “growing on jobbies.”

I really wish I could have succeeded in my event planning business or selling baked goods. Seems pointless when others laugh at you instead of cheering you on. Seems to be the case for everything.

Jenna Hamiliton is right, blogging is very therapeautic, I mean, I don’t get enough readers anymore (thanks to me hiatus) and I am not spilling personal information like my crazy friends on Facebook. How do I tell my friends I love them but posting pictures of their meals and gym shorts makes them look pathetic? LOL

Btw, can someone help me improve my Spanish speaking skills? Puhleeez? Not going to take my mom’s advice and watch telenovelas -______-



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