Technically “single”

Life never goes as the way one anticipates.

Unless if you’re royalty. Must totally suck to be them lol jk.


I have a love-hate relationship with dumb bridal shows. It upsets me that I have a trunk under my bed with stuff to be used for that day but in a relationship where I want to progress it a little. I swear, the love gods are just being mean to me and shoving it in my face with all this facebook crap.

It can be a little difficult to not think about it when your heart wants it the most, to just get away and start a new life with the person you love. I still feel like a kid, trapped in my house. Except I have a job.

And all that joyful bliss… who wants it? Me.

I wish I grew up watching lame horror movies instead of Disney princess films. My life might have been a lot less stressful.




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