Favorite Ficitonal Couples

Here are my top 10 television & film couples. They are all adorable it makes me sick 😀

And yes, I watch quite a lot of TV. And by TV, I mean Netflix and Hulu. Fun way to kill time 😉

10. Jessie and Becky (“Full House”)

UNCLE JESSE!!!!! C’mon, you gotta admit, these are cute lovebirds. On the show, their personalities balanced each other out. We got this Elvis loving, hair-gel obsessed man and career striving young woman with the intentions of succeeding business-wise. Together, they were perfect. Not together, couple of weird kids.

9. Fry & Leela (“Futurama”)fry und Leela

Whether you live a thousand miles apart, or a thousand years, love is never impossible.

8. Ron & Hermione (Harry Potter series)

Better Harry Potter than lame Twilight. Opposites always attract plus Ron’s my favorite Ginger 🙂 Everyone kept saying Hermione would end up with Harry. My response was: NEVER! RON & HARMIONE ALL THE WAY!  … I was right :p they’re SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT!

7. Claire & Phil Dunphy (“Modern Family”)

Tv’s most wackiest and cute couple, the Dunphy’s! Their lives are not perfect, but to each other, they certainly are. A loving couple, indeed. And how much they make me laugh.

6. Maria and Captain Von Trapp (“The Sound of Music”)

The hillsssss are aaallliveeee! So is this couple’s love. Awwww, they’re so wonderful, with their 7 kids… I really admire the relationship Maria has with the Captain’s children, you don’t see that everyday. And every girl wants a man just like the Captain, to be the perfect husband and a loving father. I guess Maria did do something good in her past to deserve this.

5. Lily & Marshall (“How I Met Your Mother”)

By the time we uncover Ted’s mystery soulmate, we can all agree these two are awesome. And they just became parents! Love the middle name, Wait For It. Demonstrates the spontaneity and creativity they share, which I admire. And they have such a tight bond, seriously, it’s kind of weird sometimes. It took them only a few episodes to end up together, why the hell is it taking Ted 9 seasons?!!?!? I don’t care anymore.

4. Topanga & Cory (“Boy Meets World”)

Two weird yet amazing kids, just classmates in the beginning, then best friends turned soul mates. This show was hilarious and seeing these two go through the worst, they still end up together and have each other in the end. The genius + the goofball = ❤ it always works out much better 😀

Cory: You owe me the rest of your life, you know?
Topanga: It’s yours.

3. Tommy Oliver and Kimberly Hart (“Power Rangers”)

I watched this show when I was 3 and will never forget when Kimberly fell in love with Tommy. Yes, I have seen bits and parts of the show as an adult and noticed the crappy writing, terrible acting, and never ending continuity errors. But it was awesome! Two butt-kicking, karate chopping heroes in love …ahhh….

2. Paige & Leo (“The Vow”)

He does everything to help regain her memory. He’s madly in love with her. Need I say more? Plus, if I woke up and found out Channing Tatum was my husband, I would not question it. Also, I learned ALWAYS wear a seat belt 😦

1. Jim & Pam (“The Office”) 

DUHHH! MY FAVORITE COUPLE!!!!!!!!! Ahhh, if only there were more Jim’s in the world, life would be much more pleasant. These two… words cannot express how awesome and freakin adorable they are. I mean, look at them ^^^ That’s love lol. From day one, I knew they would end up together. Every girl deserves to be treated like a queen, with love & respect, and the bond here is very mutual. I think Jason Mraz’s song, “Lucky,” was written for this couple. I always hoped my hubby would be like Jim, perhaps better lol. And we need more Pam&Jim babies in the world. And, c’mon, The Office is pretty hilarious. They add a perfect touch to this humorous show.


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