Memory is an fascinating skill humans have. Remembering phone numbers, the name of an old friend, or a story or an event. Or even memorizing five chapters worth of Chemistry terms. We manage to do it. Maybe not always as successfully, but we have quite a lot of information in our brains to process and recall enough majority of the time. Too much memorization can hurt my brain, I do not know how I was able to pass spelling tests and history exams in schools. We should be rewarded for all the things we can do. You think from all that memorization, our brains would be bigger. lol

I think it is hilarious (and a bit depressing) for many to have trouble remembering the words to the USA national anthem or city names or prominent figures; instead, almost everyone remembers what the cast of Jersey Shore did last summer or all the names of the Kardashian clan. Lame. Ugh reality tv is gross.

One thing that bothers me greatly is my inability to remember faces.

Very embarrassing actually. When students visit me at work, I have the most difficult time remembering who they are. I remember names though. Ridiculously can remember any name. TRY ME. lol

Last month, I ran into an old family friend…. He says hi and waves and I… just stare. I squint my eyes “sorry… having a brain fart”

“It’s me, Sam”

“Oh no! Yes! Sam! Of course! Sorry, been out of it lately. My brain’s still in bed”

I hear the name, click! remember the person. Like I said, memory is strange. Now, if only I can memorize those chapters in my Chemistry book for my exam next week…


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