Catching the Bouquet- A Myth?

For all you single (and possibly desperate) ladies out there who believe true love can happen easily by catching the bride’s bouquet- you’re crazy. That shit does not work. If so, I would have been married by now with a couple kids. lol, no seriously.

I have caught the bouquet 7 times. That’s right, SEVEN. And I am only … I wish to not display my age at the moment. Let’s just say I am still in college :p

Anyways, back to this horrific belief that catching the bouquet will only make you the next target of marital bliss. I believe it is nice knowing there are dreamers in the world who continue believing they have a great chance of getting married via this process. They stand on the dance floor, throwing their hands up in the air like a mosh pit, screaming at the bride to toss it to them, thinking it will only greater their chances of being the next bride or that their boyfriends will magically want to propose to them. Unfortunately, that’s not how that works. We can blame Disney films and romantic comedies for corrupting our minds with false hope. 

After I caught my last bouquet, I don’t want to say I gave up; instead, I just felt like a pro and saw no significance in participating in it anymore. I thought, maybe I should give other girls a chance, they would have a better luck than I had. And not that I was acting like a maniac, ready to bump anyone who got in my way. The bouquet always came into my hands.

The first time I caught the bouquet was a few weeks after my 14th birthday. I was a bridesmaid and actually believed my crush would ask me out and we would be married a few years after. Lol, young girl mentality. I then caught the bouquet again a couple weeks before my 16th birthday, thinking something magical would happen during my Junior year of high school. Twice after when I was 16, but this time my charm as being cool instead of hoping to be the next bride. I was having fun! All these bouquets of dead flowers piling up in my house… yeah I was not expecting anything. After all, nothing is more appealing than receiving hand-me-down flowers from a woman who was blissfully living her happily ever after. I was just showing off and sticking my tongue out at the other girls.

Okay, keeping count? Now for #5, was a few years ago, I had just turned 19 and had attended a wedding on Christmas day with my family and did not catch the bouquet. My parents thought I was bummed because I would not be “getting married.” Nope, I was upset that I had broken my winning streak 😦 Sucks, huh? But attending another wedding right after, I positioned myself in the right spot in the back and wah-la! Those white roses were mine. I thanked the bride and waltzed my way back to my table, bowing to my family. “These are going to look great in our kitchen!” My mom laughed.

Now the sixth one might not count for you, but it did for me. It was at the bridal shower of a family friend. One of the games was for the married women to make the best looking flower bouquet out of fake flowers and pins. The winner of the best looking bouquet gave hers to the bride-to-be, who threw it to a crowd of single girls. Guess who caught it!!? That’s right, my sister. Just kidding, she’s married. Yes, I caught it. Even in the pretend version, I caught it 😀 lol I do not know. Maybe it’s fate? Maybe the Gods are teasing me? lol

Now for #7 (I think it’s 7…. I can’t recall any after) It was the bouquet of the bride who’s shower I attended prior (and caught the faux bouquet). When she ran up to me, she hugged and screamed. Smiling, she said I was next.

“Hunny, this is the 7th time I’m getting it. I HIGHLY doubt it. But you look gorgeous!” I said. Not wanting her to give me any form of encouragement, I smiled and did my victory dance. After updating my Facebook status as “all right, 7 bouquets = 7 marriages in my future. Eat your heart out, Elizabeth Taylor!” I sat back down at my table and enjoyed the night.

I guess I just want everyone, and by everyone, I’m referring to you single ladies with high hopes of thinking “attending a wedding means I have of chance of being next.” Don’t think that way. In fact, just have fun! If you really want something in life, no matter how extreme the desire is, don’t hurt yourself emotionally (and physically) worrying about it. Enjoy life at the moment. When the time comes, it will happen. I have learned that it is better to be happy about the important and good aspects of your life than to dwell on the negatives. What is the point of constantly wishing for something and it never coming true? Nothing. So be happy and enjoy the dancing and fun. I am pretty content in my current relationship and in love. And the next bouquet I’ll catch will be mine (selecting it, of course)


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